Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the single most important ingredient in ensuring that your business is found on the internet. As necessary as it is to have a well designed, functional and informative web-site to capture your audience’s attention, without that audience your web-site is the equivalent of a Picasso sitting in a closet.


Why Search Engine Optimization?

With over 1 billion daily online users, the internet has become the most relied upon communication and resource conduit in the history of time. Nearly 60% of all business’ world wide are now representing themselves on the web. The goal is to place your web-site on the first page of the organic listings found by the web user looking for a web-site relevant to their search. This is where our SEO services become an invaluable tool necessary to your company’s growth.

SEO is the process of increasing the ranking and traffic of one’s web-site through organic searches. Organic searches are “natural” meaning they are not sponsored links or paid for advertisement such as pay-per-click or ad words. It is imperative to have your web-site highly ranked in order to get the exposure necessary to bring traffic to your site. Statistics show that nearly 80% of all internet users follow the organic listings over the paid for listings.

With the leading search engines using “crawlers” or “spiders” to find web pages for their algorithmic search results. These crawlers are looking for the most relevant content available to the search being performed from the end user. It is essential that your web-site be built from the ground up with your companies “theme” as the focal point. It is our goal to bring the most relevant searches to your site.

Affordable SEO Services

Keyword Research

Keyword research and search volume analysis is first step to any successful SEO strategy. We need to know how your ideal prospect is searching and what keywords they are Googling before we optimize your site. Our keyword research experts pick the most profitable target keywords that will help you get in front of searchers who are showing buying signals. With Local Launch’s advanced keyword research methods for long tail keyword targeting, keyword competition analysis, and keywords mapping, we set you up for success! Our goal is to generate highly TARGETED traffic that has the best chance to turn into QUALIFIED leads and NEW CLIENTS.


SEO Audits

Do you know where you stand in the eyes of Google? Let us run an audit on your site and layout where Google is indexing you and identify any issues that their spiders and index bots are having when they crawl your site. Some of these issues could be holding you back from winning more traffic and generating more leads and closed deals.  Losing revenue just because of a few errors on your site isn’t a healthy way to go through life, is it?

Monthly SEO Packages

SEO is not something that you do once and then sit back and relax.  It is an ongoing process where you continually show Google that you are the authority on your industry, that you are the relevant answer to the searcher’s question, and that you are trustworthy enough to handle all of the traffic that Google sends your way.  If someone says SEO is a one-time project, run the other way. You won’t get the results that you need.  Ask us about what a monthly SEO package would look like for your business.

SEO Consulting Service

Our team provides end to end, done for you SEO services. At times, we can provide the strategies that you need for your team to hit your traffic and revenue goals. Our SEO Consulting Services might be the solution that you and your business need to get over the hump and align the tactics and strategies with your team’s efforts to show Google that you are the most relevant, helpful, and trustworthy result when it comes to your industry.  We can provide the roadmap, your team provides the fuel!



We meet your requirements by providing a la carte SEO services specific to your industry niche. We’ll recommend one of our packages or customize a solution that suits your needs.


Our SEO methodology follows Google’s best practices. You get a dedicated account manager, a monthly executive summary and on-demand reporting using our proprietary system.


Our SEO packages are robust and cost-effective. Work with an SEO agency that meets all your business objectives and integrates an SEO plan into your long-term marketing strategy and budget.


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